You Don’t have Split Personalities — Beginning Persona Work

Caneel Joyce
1 min readOct 31, 2022

It’s Halloween!

I love this holiday. I love dressing up in costumes.

You may be wondering but what does this have to do with Conscious Leadership?

You’ve heard me mentioning “a part of me” or “a part of you” on Allowed: Conscious Leadership and Personal Growth .

In the episode, You Don’t Have Split Personalities — How to Begin Persona Work , I discuss the concept of how you are made of many selves. All these selves make up your whole self.

Each of these selves can be identified as a different persona with its own unique needs, fears, desires, personality, and quirks.

Your personas even have their own heroes, role models and values.

Watch or listen to learn how to recognize these personas within yourself.

When you can identify your personas and resolve the conflicts between them you can find more peace, ease and confidence.

Let’s unpack your personas so all your amazing and unique parts can begin to work together as a whole.

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