Why Do You Show Up To Work Each Day?

Is it because you have to…because it’s your job…. because someone told you to?

Empowerment starts when you begin to acknowledge what caused you to be “tasked,” understanding how you are choosing to show up each day, and how you are choosing to do the tasks you do.

You have agreements with yourself that you are committed to.

Building an intentional culture means shifting from an industrial model of “employees” who are tasked with a job to humans who are choosing to show up and do their part to impact the growth of the organization as a whole.

Human performance is complicated and goes beyond skill and knowledge. You as a leader, manager, or HR leader can have the greatest impact on performance when you support individual growth and help your team members to become empowered.

Brilliant business designer and TrueCar’s Chief People Officer, John Foster, joined me for my podcast episode, You Were Born To Be a Leader — How to Harness Your Organization’s Full Potential through Empowerment, Reciprocity and HR , to help guide you in this important conversation. He shares insights on how HR can be fundamental in empowering the mindset shift within an organization to optimize growth and to support each individual.


  • 5:39 — Introduction to the topic of empowerment and reciprocity.
  • 7:27 — A little backstory of how Caneel and John are connected.
  • 10:47 — You have to create space for others to grow and for them to fail.
  • 16:24 — What is empowerment? There are people who are afraid and it takes work like this to help them grow.
  • 27:14 — It takes 20–30 iterations or close approximations of new behavior to be able to do a new behavior with fluency. Bringing in support systems and assessment tools to help track the improvements and changes adequately. Stepping stones to change that you can assess and track are vital for sustainable and long term change.
  • 30:22 — How can you allow a person to choose to give them a feeling of empowerment?
  • 32:20 — The role fear has played in John’s journey.
  • 37:10 — Productive HR people create sustainable high performance and think about what are all the things that would be necessary to create that performance which include empathizing with humans and creating containers for that to allow creative human output.
  • 39:17 — The role that reciprocity has in HR which separates high performing HR people away from being paternalistic which disempowers the teams within the organization.
  • 41:37 What are ways as a team member that we can better engage with HR that empowers me and the organization?
  • 43:09 — What are the most empowering ways that we can invest in our employees?
  • 45:37 — John gives advice to other leaders about why he enrolled a few employees into Caneel’s Forward Fearless program.

Sometimes it just feels like you can’t live up to your team’s expectations, your company’s needs, or even your own goals, all at the same time.

Yet, it is up to leaders, Human Resource (HR), and other organizational development roles within companies to manage, maintain, and grow all of these key aspects.

Without personal development of yourself and the individuals on your team, you may be left with unsatisfied and unfulfilled team members who aren’t consistently bringing their best selves to the plate.

Without leadership development, you and your team might become stagnant, and unable to grow past a certain level of success.

If you’re not meeting company growth or economic goals, your organization will not survive in a competitive market.

You are allowed to commit to your company goals and support the growth and success of both.

Originally published at https://caneel.com.




Transformational executive coach to founders & CEOs of fast-growth companies. Mom, wife, speaker, former professor & startupper. Caneel.com, The Allowed Podcast

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Caneel Joyce

Caneel Joyce

Transformational executive coach to founders & CEOs of fast-growth companies. Mom, wife, speaker, former professor & startupper. Caneel.com, The Allowed Podcast

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