I’m writing a book. Here are some initial thoughts.

Caneel Joyce
5 min readMay 23

In a bold blow to perfectionism, thought I’d share some very raw notes about what I’m up to these days. Family, CEO coaching, general cosmic witchery, persona growth, journaling and yoga, and …. writing a book. Podcast episodes and an online course are in the works behind the scenes, too, and my team has expanded lately, which feels wonderful!

Main points of the book so far:
— We are in the brave beginning of the mass adoption of AI. The age of fake news, deep fakes, and ChatGPT-generated writing everything. Hollywood writers are on strike as this is being written. This is the Death of Expertise, the End of Knowledge. The birth of…. whatever we are that is not merely that. The end of the illusion of the need to consume — the awakening of the existential crisis of humanity. Our need to exist = our need to create.
— The point of writing is not just to write a book, but to become the writer who can write the book. The only way to become that author is to write that book. In that sense, the book writes the author just as much as the author writes the book. Like when I gave birth to my first child, my first child also gave birth to me as a mother. I never could become a mother without my child being born. Our creations give birth to new versions of ourselves that we could never be simply by imagining or thinking our way through it. Writing my doctoral dissertation is what made me worthy of the title “Professor.” Yes, a lot of what I learned about the content of my research I learned by doing the research. But the exposition and public defense of that research in a medium for public consumption is what gave me the wisdom, the experience, and also the less tangible and teachable expertise of being a professor. It’s the kind of learning that is earned by doing (it’s where doing equates to becoming).
— One understanding of art says that the artist creates the art, essentially from a blank page or a raw material. Another (often thought of simplistically as the Eastern perspective) the artist is merely the ones who finds the sculpture that already exists within the stone being carved. Art is about removing anything that is not the art. There is a lovely humility and surrender to this approach that I am seeking to integrate into my own process.
— The digital and analog ephemera of my life is vast — it takes only slightly more effort these days to capture ones emergent content and create artifacts. There is knowledge and creativity that emerges in relationships and interactions with others in all different…

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