Do You Find Your Work Consistently Energizing and Meaningful?

Caneel Joyce
3 min readJan 5, 2022

“I feel like I’m just a number, I feel like I’m a cog. I left the big company because I want to work for a small company, because I didn’t want to be a cog.”

This is the language we’ve grown up in, the cultural language that comes out of the Industrial Revolution, where we think about the business as a machine with inputs, outputs, and parts and people are resources, or assets to be replaced.

But assets don’t grow on their own. Human beings do.

In a time when employee engagement is down, many leaders are re-envisioning the roles inclusivity, purpose, and personal growth play in the workplace.

What does best-self management really mean and how might it benefit your organization? What does the future of organizational development and company culture look like in a remote environment?

In my podcast episode, How to Optimize Your Team Remotely — Best Self Management , David Hassell and Shane Metcalf, co-founders of 15Five, tackle the tough questions surrounding employee growth, fulfillment, and morale, as well as the responsibility all leaders have to address how their own mindset affects their team.

When your people thrive, your company thrives.


  • 2:17 — Meet David Hassell and Shane Metcalf of 15Five.
  • 2:49 — What is 15Five?
  • 5:13 — The art of writing a great bio.
  • 7:34 — How discovering your Zone of Genius helps you to find your purpose.
  • 9:50 — Leaders and managers might be scared of helping employees find their Zone of Genius or Best-Self because they are worried they will lose employees. Best-self management is an inside job and we need to locate ourselves and know our own Zone of Genius. We have to put in the effort to climb that mountain ourselves.
  • 11:45 — Shane Metcalf’s own personal growth journey that led him into best-self management.
  • 18:20 — David Hassell’s personal growth journey through finding his Zone of Genius, creating his best-self management methodology, and meeting his co-founder Shane Metcalf.
  • 28:24 — How Shane and David met and created 15Five.
  • 33:23 — What is Best-Self Management? It is about leaving a company as a better person and better performer than when you joined them.
  • 37:51 — How engagement plays a huge role in company culture, employee health, and overall success. Engagement and performance are the biggest issues that a company needs to solve.
  • 41:44 — As a manager who is trying to help their employees and team understand and be their best-selves, how do they transform their culture, how does 15Five help managers develop their teams as well as their own best-selves?
  • 47:36 — How is this remote environment teaching us? How can 15Five help managers right now in this remote work world?
  • 52:13 — Shane and David name a few books, resources, and talks that have most impacted them as leaders.

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