Are you curious? The way of the curious leader

The difference between curiosity and genuine curiosity

  • It’s not a leading question
  • You don’t have a preference for the answer
  • You don’t have a preconceived idea of what the “right” or “wrong” answer is
  • There is no blaming or shaming
  • What are the results I’ve been creating unintentionally?
  • What can those results teach me about what I’m actually committed to?
  • Would I be willing to honor what I’m actually committed to?
  • What am I really committed to because I am continuing to do these behaviors?
  • What part did I play in choosing this situation?

Radical responsibility

What happens when leaders get curious?

  • Improved communication
  • Strengthened relationships
  • Rejecting the stories that hold you back
  • Ending imposter syndrome
  • Aiding problem-solving
  • Super boosting your prioritization skills



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